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SPRI paramagnetic bead-based chemistry for simple and speedy size selection.

SPRIselect reagent gives you more flexibility and control over the size selection process. Harnessing the power of SPRI technology, it provides robust, reproducible and customizable size selection with minimal lot-to-lot variance.

  • Works with fragmented DNA
  • Tunable from 150 to 800 base pairs to offer easy adjustments for specific applications and sequences
  • Predictable, consistent size selection between runs and reagents lots
  • Scalable from manual to automated workflows for high throughput processing in 96-well plates
  • Suggested for use in over 40 library preparation kits

These products are not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions.

Supporting Documents


How SPRI bead-based technology works

Method Overview

SPRIselect for DNA Size Selection


Manual or Automated DNA Size Selection

Product Brochure

NGS Cleanup and Size Selection

Application Note

Automating DNA Size Selection

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