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Labroots webinars and webinar packs are a great solution to your company’s ongoing campaigns and promotions. This long-form media opportunity is a unique way to reach your ideal audience and generate high-quality leads with real-time analytics and attendee data.

Average Webinar Metrics:

407 Webinars Produced in 2023

These statistics are based off of webinars that followed our best practices.

Total Registrants


Live Attendees


On Demand


Total Viewers


Facts & Figures


4.7 Million

Average Website Sessions

1 Minute 45 Seconds

Average Webinar Sessions

26 Minutes

Average Virtual Event Sessions

3.93 Hours

Monthly User Sessions


Annual Page Views

13.9 Million

Social Media Followers

2.5 Million+

Opted-In Newsletter Subscribers

809 K+

User Location

North America: 54%

Asia: 20%

Europe: 16%

South/Central America: 5%

Oceania: 3%

Africa: 2%

User Institution Type

Academia (University/College): 31%

Hospital/Medical Center: 26%

(Biotech/Pharma/Life Science Company): 19%

Private (CRO, CMO, Research Institute): 15%

Government: 7%

Other: 2%


Content Categories Trending Articles / Webinars / Virtual Events

Health & Medicine 10,483 / 4,882 / 366

Cell & Molecular Biology: 4,519 / 875 / 94

Technology: 4,139 / 395 / 63

Genetics & Genomics: 3,230 / 614 / 77

Microbiology 3,249 / 569 / 55

Neuroscience: 3,559 / 397 / 42


Plants & Animals: 3,646 / 141 / 16

Earth & The Environment: 3,681 / 68 / 14

Cancer: 2,666 / 629 / 85

Clinical & Molecular DX: 2,678 / 663 / 109

Immunology: 2,448 / 744 / 86

Chemistry & Physics: 3,015 / 142 / 36

Drug Discovery & Development: 2,329 / 507 / 78

Space & Astronomy: 2,447 / 10 / 0

Cardiology: 1,736 / 126 / 30

Cannabis Sciences: 1,140 / 179 / 23


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Webinar Features

Labroots webinars have all the fixings. We have truly narrowed down the best practices and features that make for a successful webinar.

What to expect:

  • Branded registration page
  • Live polling, surveys, & customizable presentation interface
  • 12 months on-demand
  • Hosted on the Labroots website forever
  • MP4 copy of the webinar
  • Comprehensive reporting & metrics
  • Continuing education (CE) credits to attendees: P.A.C.E., CEU, and more (if applicable)
  • Speaker selection assistance (optional)
  • Webinar moderation
  • Live Q&A
  • Webinar marketing
    • Email Blasts (up to 5 emails, capped at 20,000)*
    • Social Media x 2 (Facebook & X), 1 x (Labroots LinkedIn)
    • Banner Ads (delivers for up to 2 weeks)*
    • Automatic reminder emails to webinar registrants
    • Inclusion in the WAVE Newsletter
    • Inclusion in a Trending Newsletter

* A prompt approval of the marketing materials will ensure promotions are executed to their fullest extent.

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How it works:

After purchasing a webinar or webinar package with Labroots, your Sales Manager will introduce you to your Production Manager who will schedule a Kick-off call with you to go over the webinar creation process. On this call you can secure your date(s), review all necessary materials to build out the registration page, determine the type of webinar (live, pre-recorded, pre-recorded with live QA), and ensure all of your questions are answered.

Once your microsite (registration page) is created, it will be sent to you for review. When the microsite is approved, the Labroots marketing team will begin promoting your webinar to your tailored audience selection. Following the live broadcast of your webinar, you will be able to access detailed registration and attendee information over the 12 month on-demand period.

To target the correct audience you will be provided with:

1. An Audience Selection Form that finds the perfect Labroots email database to promote your webinar and ensure content is marketed to the right audience

2. A Webinar Social Media Form to choose from 16 of Labroots category-based social media pages, targeting a more niche demographic for increased webinar attendance and engagement

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Webinar Samples

Webinar Trial Packages

Labroots Webinar Trial Packages are the perfect sampling of webinars, virtual event series sponsorships, and digital products. Our Webinar Trial Packages allow you to explore which Labroots products provide the best ROI for your company and/or campaign.

  • 1 Webinar
  • 2 Virtual Events (get to choose)
  • 2 Virtual Event Booths OR Track Speakers OR 1 Virtual Event Booth & 1 Track Speaker
  • 1 Webinar
  • 1 Banner Ad for 1 Month
  • 5 Newsletter Sponsorships
  • 1 Email Blast to 10K Recipients
  • 5 Social Media Posts
  • 3 Sponsored Articles

Target your audience with ease!

Use Labroots’ comprehensive Audience Selection Form.

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Webinar Packages, Go Virtual

Having produced hundreds of virtual events and thousands of webinars over the last 15 years, Labroots has a solution to fit your needs.

Let us help you make your webinars and virtual event a success.

If these options aren’t enough, visit the Custom Virtual Events media kit page to explore all of the virtual event opportunities that Labroots has to offer.

  • Webinar Packs
    • Single Webinar
    • 2 Pack Webinars
    • 3 Pack Webinars
    • 5 Pack Webinars
    • 10 Pack Webinars
    • 20 Pack Webinars
  • Persistent Virtual Event
    • Microsite/Registration Page
    • Lobby/Entry Point
    • Exhibit Hall or Product Showroom or Virtual Lab
    • Auditorium (Webinars)
    • Breakout Room (video chat meetings) or Resource Center
  • Production
    • A dedicated Production Manager
    • P.A.C.E. Continuing Education Credits
    • Experienced Moderator
    • Tech/Test Practice Calls and Pre-recordings
    • MP4 recording of the presentation
    • Comprehensive Reporting & Metrics
    • Reminder Emails
  • Marketing
    • Email Blasts (up to 5 emails, capped at 20,000)
    • Social Media Posts x 5 Social Media Posts (2 Facebook, 2 X, 1 Labroots Linked)
    • Banner Ad (MPU 300,250) on (2 weeks)
    • WAVE Newsletter Banner Ad
    • Trending Newsletter Banner Ad

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If these options aren’t enough, visit the Custom Virtual Events media kit page to explore all of the virtual event opportunities that Labroots has to offer.

Unparalleled Quality.

Expert Assistance.

Unique Platform.

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Continuing Education Credits

By participating in some of our virtual events and webinars, you can earn Continuing Education credits. Each event offers different educational credits based on the content of the event and the eligibility of the presentation. Please see below for the types of CE’s offered.

Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education (P.A.C.E.)

All laboratory professionals who are licensed or certified need continuing education (CE). Some employers also require CE in addition to or in place of those requirements. This includes all Medical Laboratory Scientists, formerly Clinical Laboratory Scientists or Medical Technologists (known as MLSs, CLSs, or MTs); all Medical Laboratory Technicians, formerly Clinical Laboratory Technicians (known as MLTs or CLTs); and some Phlebotomy Technicians or PBTs. Typically, they need 12 contact hours per year to meet most requirements. Labroots is an approved provider of P.A.C.E. CE credits through the ASCLS. P.A.C.E. CE credits are acceptable in all states and countries except for Florida, USA. We are an approved provider of Florida CE’s through the State of Florida CE Broker. P.A.C.E. CE credits are available during the presentations enduring (on-demand) period and expire after one year from the date of the live broadcast.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are essential for medical professionals to maintain their licensure and stay updated on the latest advancements in their field. These credits are obtained through educational activities which are developed and reviewed by experts in clinical areas, designed to sustain, develop, and increase the knowledge and skills necessary for optimal patient care. CME is a cornerstone of lifelong learning for healthcare professionals, ensuring that their expertise remains current and effective.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits serve as a quantifiable measure of engagement in professional learning and skill enhancement activities. These credits are accumulated by participating in various educational experiences, ranging from formal courses to informal training sessions, and are essential for professionals to maintain their licensure or membership in certain regulatory bodies. CPD credits demonstrate a commitment to continuous personal and professional growth, ensuring that individuals remain knowledgeable and competent in their respective fields.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned through NSGC-approved educational opportunities will be accepted by the American Board of Genetic Counseling for purposes of Genetic Counselor recertification. Labroots works with the NSGC to provide Category 1 CEUs. The NSGC grants a CEU for all educational programs with content targeted specifically to genetic counselors (10 hours of presentation are equivalent to 1 Category 1 CEU). Following the CEU approved presentation, an attendee will be required to take a quiz of the presentation and pass it (pass no-fail), as well as fill out an evaluation and submit a $25 fee, to receive their CEU certificate. These certificates are processed and provided by the NSGC. A CEU credit is available during the presentation enduring (on-demand) period and expires after 2 years from the date of the live broadcast.

American Association of Veterinary State Boards Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE)

Veterinarians must certify that they have completed a certain number of hours of approved continuing education to renew their license to practice veterinary medicine. Typically, they need 36 hours per year to meet requirements. Labroots is a provider of R.A.C.E. through the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). Following the CE-approved presentation, an attendee will be required to fill out an evaluation of the presentation to receive their CE certificate. These certificates are processed and provided by Labroots. R.A.C.E. CE credits are available during the presentations enduring (on-demand) period and expire after one year from the date of the live broadcast.

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