Case Studies

Labroots already brings the scientific world together online. With new digital avenues arising, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Labroots is your turnkey solution to scientific storytelling & branding, from online educational events to content development and social media engagement.

Check out our case study library to see how Labroots has tackled a wide range of Custom Virtual Events, webinars, and more.

Custom Virtual Events

FENS - When going virtual is the right move



Intended to occur live in Krakow, Poland, The COVID pandemic got in the way of FENS' Regional Meeting. Although the meeting could not take place in-person, FENS was able to host an innovative virtual conference, with participants from all over the world.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Leads, leads, and more leads



Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Labroots in hopes of creating a virtual experience unlike any other for their Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) 2021 Conference. With twenty-one hours of content that streamed live from all over the world, it incorporated hybrid event components.

Pittcon - So much content!



Pittcon is a transnational exposition and technical conference that occurs annually to display the latest advances in research and scientific instrumentation. Unsure of how to tackle their trade show for the 2021 calendar year, Pitton turned to Labroots.

Agilent - Increased brand awareness



Agilent was hoping to display their Mass Spec Systems as part of their marketing and brand awareness efforts. They wanted to display multiple products in the same booth to provide a walk-through experience to registrants.

Nexcelom - Personalized on every level



When Nexcelom stated that they wanted their virtual event to feel as though attendees were really in Boston, Massachusetts, Labroots ensured this was prevalent in every room of the event.

NanoString - A little bit of everything



When presented with a broad range of client goals for the event, internal collaboration resulted in an extremely customized event - complete with a plenary session, poster gallery presentations, GeoMx interactive experience, Unique Lab/API Connection, and more.

BODE Technology - An emphasis on networking



A conference originally intended to occur inperson, BODE Technology's Annual Forensic DNA Conference had to be recreated in a virtual environment due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Labroots ensured the conference offered the same (if not better) experience to the invited attendees.


DiaSorin - A very happy speaker



Regardless of the topic at hand, when hosting a webinar is it imperative that the speaker feels comfortable. DiaSorin Molecular's webinar is a true example of this. Check it out for yourself.

SCIEX - Labroots first Webinar Plus



With the desire to offer a more interactive webinar experience, SCIEX Trendsetters: ZenoTOF 7600 experts panel Q&A offered something completely new and innovative for all attendees. This webinar plus offered attendees an engaging auditorium, a resource center, and more.

Genomic Vision: 4-part Webinar Series



Rather than hosting a custom virtual event, Genomic Vision decided to have 4 standalone webinars for their Summer Webinar Series. Each individual webinar linked to the other 3 seamlessly. Although less complex than a multi-day event, flexibility and customizations are still available as you see fit.

Labroots Virtual Events

CRISPR - Be a part of Labroots users' experience



As the world's largest producer of life sciences virtual events, Labroots is excited to continuously host virtual events on topics that our users care about. Jam packed with opportunities to advertise your company, learn more about Labroots Virtual Event sponsorship opportunities.

Digital Advertising

3rd Party Emails - Use Labroots' targeted, opt-in email list



Your have perfectly written email copy and intriguing imagery, but who are you sending this perfectly crafted email to? No need to worry, leave the rest to Labroots! Labroots' targeted, opt-in email list will generate interest in your product or service, just like that.