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LabRoots provides a range of next generation digital marketing opportunities, allowing you to craft your message, target and engage with a specified audience. From banner ads and emails, to sponsored webinars and virtual events, LabRoots has advertising opportunities that will easily fit into your marketing campaign.

To find out more about what advertising or sponsorship opportunities we offer, check out LabRoots AdvertisingVirtual Events or Webinars for more details.


  • Where do I find information about advertising on LabRoots?
    As a premier social networking site focused on education, LabRoots provides next generation digital marketing opportunities that allow you to craft your message and target a specific audience. You can find all advertising opportunities with LabRoots by visiting the Advertising Page at or email
  • Where do I find information about producing a webinar?
    You can discover all available advertising opportunities with LabRoots' webinars by visiting or email
  • How do I get information about your virtual events?
    You can discover all available advertising opportunities via LabRoots' virtual events by visiting or email
  • What are the different advertising mediums with LabRoots?

    LabRoots offers a variety of mediums to reach your target audience. With a range of online advertising options that can be targeted, clients can be assured that the size and diversity of our advertising network provides the best marketing opportunities.

    Banner Ads deliver cost-effective and highly visible coverage for all your products and services.

    Third-party Emails help you reach your audience by renting a targeted segment of our opt-in e-mail list of more than 1,500,000 contacts.

    Sponsoring Newsletters allows you to select from more than a dozen newsletter and send your banner ad to each subscriber. Teaming up with LabRoots on social media is a great way to reach your target audience.

    LabRoots boasts more than 1.5 million total followers, with more than a dozen specified accounts/pages.

    With a Custom Rich Content Campaigns, LabRoots assigns one of our industry professionals exclusively to your project, creating a customized informative article that engages readers in a branded environment and establish your reputation. The LabRoots Rich Media Program enables you to share best practices in your field with your target audience in an engaging way.

    Not to mention the reach you'll get when you participate in one of LabRoots' virtual events or even have LabRoots produce a webinar or customer event for you! For more details on each of these opportunities, visit the LabRoots Advertising Page or email