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The Tagging feature allows us to mark certain content with a tag and relate it to other content of a similar topic. You can explore tags individually by clicking on them or by searching for them on our website. We've also added the tagging feature to your user profile where you can select Tags that interest you as well. 

The database of tag words in the Labroots ecosystem is already quite large but if there is a tag word that doesn't exist, you are also able to make suggestions. If you do make a suggestion, several members of the Labroots team will review the tag word and if it is relevant, it will be approved and added to our growing database.

The purpose of the tagging feature is to help provide relevant content to you and the rest of our users. For example, if you select "Oncology" as an interest tag, we will do our best to show you more "Oncology" content. 


  • What is a Content Tag?
    Content Tags are tags that we use to categorize the various forms of content we offer on our website (trending content, webinars, and virtual events).
  • What is an Interest Tag?
    An Interest Tag is how you as a user can associate yourself with different types of content that you are more interested in. By identifying your Interest Tags, we will deliver content that is more relevant to what you may want to read or learn about in our various webinars and virtual events.
  • What is a Related Tag?
    A Related Tag is visible on pages such as: Oncology. They show you which tags are closely associated or similar to the one you are currently viewing. The Related Tags will help you to explore and expand your knowledge on a certain topic of your interest.
  • How do you add new Tags to an existing profile?
    If you want to edit or add tags to your existing LabRoots profile, all you have to do is navigate to your profile page and hit the "Edit Interest Tags" button near the top of the right hand column. By doing so, you can review and edit the tags already associated to your profile, review and add "Related Interest Tags" and/or type in tags you feel are relevant to you (even if they aren't a part of our database).
  • How are Tags used?
    We use tags to provide our users with content that is more relevant to their interests. By selecting the Tags you're interested in and associatinig them to your profile, the content you come across when browsing the LabRoots website will be more aligned to your preferences.