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The Trending section of the Labroots website is where you can get up to speed with the latest news and information in the scientific community. Our editorial team works hard to write articles on a daily basis that will keep you in the "know."

You can see Trending content in the center column of the homepage or alternatively navigate to the Trending section itself by clicking on "Trending" in the navigation menu at the top. Once you enter the Trending page itself, you'll be able to see all of the news in chronological order. If you wish to see content for a specific category itself, you can do so by navigating to the Trending Categories section:


You'll also notice non-obtrusive windows open up while browsing the Trending section of the Labroots website, such as the one below:

By entering your email address, you can sign up for a newsletter that will deliver the latest news right to your email inbox. It should be noted here that signing up for the Trending Newsletter will deliver the latest scientific news from all categories to your inbox twice a week whereas signing up for an individual category specific newsletter will deliver the latest news for that specific category once a week. You can always sign up and edit your preferences later should you change your mind!


  • How do I publish an article on your site?
    For the sake of our users we tend not to publish content that advertises a certain product or service. If your content falls outside of that category, please reach out to with the content you'd like to see published or with a summary of the content along with supporting images. Our editorial team will review the content and get back to you with feedback.