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A range of innovative CellCelector nanowell arrays for single-cell screening and isolation as well as single cell cloning workflows to be used in various clinical, research and bioprocessing applications.

When used with CellCelector, nanowell consumables are easy to use and enable high-throughput and cost-effective alternatives to conventional limiting dilution, FACS and other single cell screening and cloning methods. These are available in various formats from 2 well chamber slides to 6 and 24 well plates. They feature from 100,000 to several millions of nanowells per plate/slide at nanowell volumes from several nanoliter down to a few picoliter.

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Supporting Documents

Application Note

CellCelector Flex for Antibody Discovery and Production

Application Note

CellCelector Flex for Automated Image-based Single Cell Isolation & Picking

Application Note

High-Throughput Nanowell-Based Image-Verified Cloning for Cell Line Development

Application Note

Fully Automated Image-Based Single Cell and Colony Picking for Stem Cells

Application Note

Integrated Workflow Enabling Spatial Single-Cell Genomics

Application Note

Facilitating Rapid and Accurate Cell Line Development

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CellCelector Flex Capillaries, Tips and Consumables

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