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The True Benefits of CBD

WRITTEN BY: Helaine Krysik

It can be difficult to get real information on what CBD can really do for you, as the industry is projected to hit over $16 billion by 2025 in the U.S. alone. So, stakeholders have a vested interest in extolling the cannabinoid’s benefits as much as possible. But all hype aside, what do users have to gain by consuming it?

CBD has become increasingly popular as a non-psychoactive relief solution for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia. While there is considerable debate in the scientific community as how much these claims hold true, there is enough supporting evidence available that the FDA has approved Epidiolex, a CBD extract used to treat seizures in patients 2 years or older.

That said, some studies produce conflicting data. Some research indicates that CBD does reduce anxiety, while others show results pointing to CBD having no effects at all, especially when compared with that of placebos.

For consumers who experience positive effects from CBD, it is important that they buy their CBD products from reputable manufacturer, typically available at a licensed dispensary in a legal cannabis state, as some CBD products can contain unwanted surprises. Studies have found everything from cough medicine to synthetic cannabinoids in some products claiming to contain only CBD. Other studies have found that many products on the market failed to contain the amount of CBD marketed.

The effects from CBD have been proven valid, and supporting evidence will most likely grow in the coming years. That said, it is important that consumers not believe in exaggerated or magical claims as to what the cannabinoid can do. While CBD can be medicinal, it is not the cure all that some companies would have consumers believe.


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