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Study Finds Topical CBD is Well Tolerated and Safe for Lower Extremity Pain

WRITTEN BY: Kerry Charron

A study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research examined topical cannabidiol (CBD) cream use by athletes for elite physical performance and chronic lower extremity pain. The study found that CBD topical cream was well tolerated and safe.

Many anecdotal accounts and research studies point to CBD’s pain management potential. However, few studies evaluate CBD’s tolerability and efficacy in special populations. This study is one of the first to highlight how former elite athletes manage chronic pain with topical CBD cream.

The participants included 20 former professional athletes who had competed in American football, track and field, and basketball. The athletes had long-term careers ranging from 4 to 10 years and had experienced an acute injury in the lower extremities that caused significant chronic pain for at least three months. The participants received 10 mg of topical CBD twice daily for chronic pain resulting from acute lower extremity injuries. Self-reported data included assessments of tolerability, pain-related disability, and activities of daily living over the 6-week study period.

50% of participants reported minor adverse effects that did not require medical attention. The most commonly reported effects included skin dryness (43%) and skin rash (21%). One finding indicated a significant improvement in self-reported pain levels and pain-related disability. Self-reported information also reflected pain-related disability’s impact on family and home responsibilities, life support activities, occupational activities, recreational activities, self-care, sexual function, and social activities. The participants reported improvements in these diverse functions.

This study highlights the critical need for further research on topical CBD use by elite athletes. Medical professionals recommend carefully selecting a CBD topical cream formulation after reviewing its potency, cannabinoid profile, and other active ingredients. In addition, it is important to discuss CBD topical cream options with a health care provider in order to assess if a CBD topical will suit specific muscle recovery. 

Finally, make sure that the products you buy have been subjected to analysis by independent laboratories. Reputable providers like Secret Nature CBD routinely submit their hemp products to third-party labs for testing to ensure quality and efficacy - this way, you know that your CBD formulation is likely to deliver optimal results

 Sources: Journal of Cannabis Research


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