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Factors Associated with Cannabis Use Among High-Risk College Students

WRITTEN BY: Kerry Charron

Texas A&M University researchers examined cannabis consumption among college students. The study published in the journal Cannabis highlighted the cannabis use patterns, reasons, and risks of a student population enrolled at a large public university in the southeastern United States.

The research team surveyed 99 college students about factors influencing cannabis consumption. The participants reported their frequency of cannabis use over the past month and the quantity consumed (in grams) generally consumed daily. Participant reasons s indicated their reasons for using cannabis, including stress management, relaxation, or sleep enhancement. The participants reported the top three reasons for cannabis use:

  • to relax or reduce stress
  • to feel euphoric or high
  • to have a good time with friends

Data analysis revealed that the average age of cannabis use was 17 years. Participants used cannabis roughly seven times a month, and 8% percent reported daily cannabis use. The students used an average of a quarter of a gram daily.

The researchers found that participants suspected that approximately 47 % of other students on campus also consumed cannabis. The survey data also suggested that students had a low perception of risk associated with cannabis use. The findings reflect similar findings from other studies of college student cannabis use and can inform policy development regarding health awareness. The researchers believe community health efforts highlighting the risks of chronic use are critical since cannabis use among college students has increased significantly over the past few decades.

Data analysis revealed an association between cannabis use quantity per day and frequency. Participants who used a more significant amount of cannabis also demonstrated greater frequency of use.

The researchers also found a significant association between perceived risk and cannabis use. Those with greater use per day demonstrated the lowest perceived risk scores.

Sources: Cannabis, Eureka News Alert


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