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Cannabis Creams in Psoriasis: A Crossover Study on Efficacy and Safety

Can cannabis be used as a medical substitute to treat psoriasis? This is what a recent study published in the Journal of Current Science and Technology hopes to determine as a team of researchers from Thailand examined the potential for using cannabis creams for treating psoriasis, which is a chronic disease that causes skin to become inflamed or flaky to the touch. This study comes as psoriasis impacts approximately 125 million people worldwide and while cannabis is slowly becoming legalized across the United States and studies are being conducted to better understand the role medical cannabis, as well.

For the study, the researchers used to different formulas of cream, one with containing just cannabis and the other containing cannabis mixed with a polyherbal formulation. The researchers enlisted 20 volunteers over two 8-week treatment periods with a two-week washout period sandwiched in between the treatment periods. In the end, the results demonstrated that participants using the cannabis-only cream experienced “significant reduction in disease severity”, while the participants who used the cannabis-polyherbal formulation cream experienced “greater efficacy in reducing disease severity and improving patient quality of life”, according to the researchers.

As noted, approximately 125 million individuals from all over the world suffer from psoriasis, so this cannabis cream could provide alleviation from the disease. Additionally, this research highlights the growing body of knowledge regarding the beneficial impacts of cannabis on chronic diseases, as well.

The researchers note, “The findings of this study highlight the clinical benefit of using topical cannabis, whether used independently or in combination with other herbs, for psoriasis management. The combined formulation appears to exhibit a greater therapeutic advantage over the use of topical cannabis alone.”

How will cannabis cream help treat psoriasis in the coming years and decades? Only time will tell, and this is why we science!

As always, keep doing science & keep looking up!

Sources: Journal of Current Science and Technology, National Psoriasis Foundation

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