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The Role of Cannabinoids in COVID-19 Cannabis Prevention and Treatment

WRITTEN BY: Kerry Charron

A review published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine examined the potential of medical cannabis in preventing COVID-19 and providing effective treatment for long-term COVID-19 symptoms. The review found evidence that cannabis extracts can prevent the COVID-19 virus from entering and infecting cells. 

The findings suggest that cannabinoids may reduce oxidative stress and play a critical role in minimizing COVID-19’s ability to enter and infect cells. The study showed that cannabidiol (CBD) effectively mitigates free radicals and decreasing lung inflammation. CBD can potentially reduce symptoms that cause significant harm to the human body. CBD can block viral ribonucleic acid (RNA), which is one avenue the virus uses to infect cells. The study also indicated that cannabinoids can alleviate symptoms associated with Long COVID. Long COVID symptoms can last for many weeks, months, or years. These symptoms can include fatigue, neurological problems, depression, anxiety, respiratory complications, cardiac abnormalities, and brain fog. Symptoms can subside and return after periods of improved health, and ongoing symptoms can interfere with daily life functioning.

The researchers investigated different cannabis consumption methods and a broad range of cannabis products. The researchers found that inhaling cannabis smoke may negatively impact the lung health of participants with respiratory illness. According to study author Dr. Cassidy Scott, “Although smoking and vaporizing cannabis are often preferred by patients, as they provide the fastest onset of effects, it is possible that the potential benefits of cannabinoid treatments are outweighed by the negative respiratory health consequences associated with smoking,” Vaporizing cannabis is associated with fewer respiratory symptoms than smoking cannabis since vaporizing does not heat cannabis using combustion.

The study highlights the importance of cannabinoid clinical trials to evaluate the safety and potential side effects associated with cannabinoid treatments for COVID.

Sources: Cannabis Science Tech, Journal of Clinical Medicine


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