APR 05, 2023 7:00 AM PDT

New Organic Synthesis Planning and Procurement Tool

SPONSORED BY: Thermo Fisher Scientific

A well targeted organic synthesis has traditionally taken a good bit of planning and procurement time. This can include selection of your synthesis route, finding and reviewing relevant literature references, and eventually selection and sourcing of the required reagents, solvents and catalysts.

To streamline this process and help accelerate discovery and advancement in fundamental and applied organic chemistry, Thermo Fisher Scientific has created chem dex™ a new web app that helps organic chemists find and purchase chemicals.  

The chem dex™ tool leverages a vast database of reactions, reference literature, and an unrivaled chemical inventory to quickly guide synthesis routes and make procurement of supporting chemicals fast and easy. With three simple selections of a functional group, a target reaction, and reaction conditions, you can then access informative reference literature with relevant protocols and add recommended products directly to your cart for quick procurement. For example if you were looking to hydrogenate an alkene you would,

1. Choose your Functional Group:

2. Choose your Target Reaction:

3. Select your reaction Condition to access literature links, download PDFs, share your results, or add recommended products to your cart for purchase.  

Chem dex™ moves organic synthesis planning and procurement into the digital age, making it easier and faster, so that you can focus on your research and accomplishing your next milestone of discovery and advancement.

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