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Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Targets?


Our Contribution to sustainability in the laboratory

Accumax understands the importance of sustainability and the environment. We recognize the integral role that plastic consumables play in laboratory research and development, enabling high standards of quality, precision, and reproducibility.

However, we also acknowledge the challenge of balancing the demands of modern science with environmental concerns regarding plastic waste. As a life science laboratory consumable manufacturer, it is our responsibility to find innovative solutions that minimize our impact on the environment while maintaining the excellence of our work. Together, let us strive for a greener future in the pursuit of scientific advancement.

At Accumax, we are committed to promoting the use of eco-friendly Accumax GreenMAX products. Our motto drives us to constantly develop new laboratory consumables that are environmentally conscious. We invest both capital and time in researching alternatives to single-use plastics, ensuring that our switch does not compromise the quality and function of our products or the results generated in the lab. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the environment.

Join us in our efforts to reduce plastic waste and switch to ACCUMAX GreenMAX Tip Racks.

Create a real and measurable impact on the planet.

We might be taking various well-intentioned steps towards creating a greener planet and while every step counts, it is also important that we are able to measure whether or not our actions are amounting to a real impact.

That’s why we created our Plastic Calculator. Discover how much plastic you can save by using GreenMAX Tip Racks instead of the predecessor Plastic Racks.

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