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Your Ultimate Guide to Cell Line Development Gear


Choosing the right gear is the first step of preparing for any important journey. When that journey is cell line development, having the best tools can make the difference between high-yield clones or costly setbacks. Let’s unpack this.

Early Chariterization is Key

Cell line development is the process of establishing a high-quality cell culture system for biologics production, genetic studies, drug screening and in vitro testing. Setting up a reliable bioprocess requires time and expertise, but once in place, it sets the stage for a smooth transition to downstream steps like product manufacturing.

To build a successful in-house bioprocess, you need technologies that provide information-rich data and guide you through each stage with actionable insights. In biologics development, rapid screening of minipools and analyzing protein quality attributes is an early focus, while optimizing culture conditions becomes important later.

Advanced bioanalytical tools with automated analysis can streamline early development and facilitate decision-making at critical junctures.

Expand Your Capabilities

The biopharmaceutical cell line development workflow involves screening thousands of clones for product titer and cell health. High-yield clones that meet critical quality attributes (CQAs) are put through more rigorous evaluation and process optimization for growth, stability and productivity. Identifying clones that produce high yields of recombinant proteins early on can help your company reduce time, effort and cost down the line.

Sartorius is widely regarded as a trusted partner and leading supplier of automated, high-throughput solutions for companies wanting to expand in-house capabilities for cell line development. On top of industry-recognized technologies, customers value the deep expertise Sartorius offers on all aspects of cell line development, including tailored solutions, which they can rely on to avoid common pitfalls and make decisions with

Cover the Basics

The ideal cell line development platform allows faster screening of more cells to find the most stable, scalable and productive cell lines.

The CellCelector single cell and colony picking platform is used for high-throughput single cell cloning, allowing fast generation of clonal production cell lines. Integrated image-based monoclonality proof and clone viability assessments - combined with high outgrowth rate after clone transfer to 96- or 384 well plates - the CellCelector is the leading alternative to limiting dilution or FACS single cell sorting techniques. 

The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform is a flow assay game changer. It is a high-throughput, suspension cell and bead-based platform for antibody screening and functional profiling. The platform allows for simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters such as IgG titer, specific productivity and cell health for fast clone ranking.

For real-time, label-free biomolecular interaction analysis, the Octet®️ Bio Layer Interferometry System is a tried-and-true powerhouse. This is a popular technique for high-throughput titer measurement and protein characterization - in both purified and unpurified samples - throughout the cell line development workflow. The Octet®️ System can be used with the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture automated microbioreactor system to find the best yield conditions in preparation for manufacturing.

As you’re nearing the sample preparation stage, the StreamLink® CC 15 can perform a one-step clarification and purification process to streamline and automate mAb cell culture harvest coming from Ambr® 15 and other suspension cultures.

In the final stage of cell line development, the Fill-It system significantly reduces time and quality control (QC) costs by automating preparation of cryovials for cell banking.

Don’t Forget Software

Even the best cell line development instruments won’t get you far without built-in tools for making sense of complex datasets. Our instrument systems have that covered, too.

The iQue® System’s integrated iQue Forecyt® Software, for example, eliminates the pain points associated with analyzing multi-parametric flow cytometry data by providing powerful visualization and interpretation. Similar software tools on the Octet®️ System provide analysis on the fly, helping accelerate cell line development.

All systems are designed for easy, hassle-free operation and walk-away automation, boosting overall operational efficiency.

Good Gear Builds Confidence

It feels good to be in charge - and having the right tools can give you that level of confidence. By incorporating smart, high-throughput, automated analytical techniques into your workflow, you can really transform the speed of progress for in-house cell line selection and development.

Happy bioprocessing! 

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