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From Soil to Savior: New Antibiotic's Multi-Pronged Attack

WRITTEN BY: Amielle Moreno

In a groundbreaking stride toward combating antibiotic resistance, researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals have literally unearthed a novel antibiotic with remarkable potential. This antibiotic discovery, named clovibactin after the Greek word for "cage" (klouvi), is already sparking excitement within the scientific community for its distinctive attributes, multiple modes of action, and unique origins.

Ninety-nine percent of all bacterial species are currently uncultivable. These species are thought to represent "our planet's largest unexplored pool of biological and chemical novelty" (Nichols et al., 2010). Thanks to the revolutionary iChip technique, researchers can now cultivate soil bacteria cells within controlled laboratory conditions. In a recent Cell paper, Shukla, Peoples, and their colleagues employed iChip to venture into recently charted territory and tap a likely source of novel antibiotics.

(R. Shukla, A.J. Peoples, et al., 2023)

"Clovibactin is different," said Dr. Markus Weingarth from the Utrecht University Chemistry Department. "Since Clovibactin was isolated from bacteria that could not be grown before, pathogenic bacteria have not seen such an antibiotic before and had no time to develop resistance."

Unlike conventional antibiotics, clovibactin's architecture offers multiple mechanisms of action. It turns out that clovibactin effectively inhibits the synthesis of bacterial cell walls by binding to three fundamental building blocks. Upon binding to its target sites, clovibactin forms sprawling and enduring fibrils on bacterial membranes, resembling intricate cages that give the compound its name. 

"The multi-target attack mechanism of Clovibactin blocks bacterial cell wall synthesis simultaneously at different positions," explains Prof. Tanja Schneider from the University of Bonn in Germany. "This improves the drug's activity and substantially increases its robustness to resistance development." And unlike antibiotic targets that might change via mutation, the targets of clovibactin are essential and immutable, ensuring a consistent target for antibacterial action.

However, the road to this groundbreaking discovery was not without obstacles. Clovibactin was concealed within the antibiotic extract produced by the soil bacteria E. terrae ssp. Carolina. Unveiling its potential required the meticulous removal of a more abundant antibiotic compound. By blocking the production of other well-known antibiotic compounds, the researchers could isolate clovibactin.

Clovibactin demonstrated remarkable potency in lab settings across a spectrum of bacterial infections and antibiotic-resistant strains, breathing new life into the fight against drug-resistant bacteria. Experiments on laboratory mice infected with such resistant strains yielded effective treatment, offering hope for a new era of effective antibiotic treatments.

The discovery of clovibactin not only adds a potent weapon to the arsenal against antibiotic resistance but also sheds light on the untapped potential hidden within the microbial world. As science continues to delve deeper into the mysteries of nature, breakthroughs like these underscore the power of innovation in shaping a healthier future for all.

Sources: Cell, EurekAlert!, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Nature


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