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Chamomile oil in nanogel form for pain relief

WRITTEN BY: Greta Anne

Chamomile is a cozy herb that's loved around the world for its calming properties in teas. In a recent study published in gels, researchers have harnessed the potential of chamomile oil by developing a remarkable nanogel formulation that might revolutionize pain relief, particularly for migraine sufferers.

Traditionally known for its soothing qualities, chamomile's active component, apigenin, is already celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.

The nanogel these scientists developed is a tiny, gel-based structure with droplets of chamomile oil measuring less than 100 nanometers in diameter. This small size offers multiple advantages. First, the nanosize droplets have excellent aqueous solubility, ensuring the oil mixes easily with water. Secondly, they enable controlled and sustained release of the chamomile oil, improving its effectiveness. 

One of the most promising aspects of this nanogel is its skin-penetrating ability. In its traditional form, chamomile oil struggles to penetrate the skin, limiting its therapeutic potential. However, with the conversion of chamomile oil into a nanogel, nearly 70% of the oil penetrated the skin within 24 hours, a significant improvement over the mere 14% when used alone. 

The chamomile nanogel's impressive antinociceptive properties observed in in vivo tests suggest its ability to alleviate pain. This was tested through a measure of the reaction to a painful stimulus. In this case, it involved exposing a rat's tail to radiant heat, and the scientist measured the time it took for the rat to flick its tail away from the heat source. The longer the reaction time, the greater the antinociceptive effect.

Moreover, the nanogel showed promise in reducing aversion to light in an induced migraine model. This effect may be linked to the gel's anti-inflammatory properties, possibly due to the inhibition of nitric oxide release. 

The journey of chamomile oil from a traditional remedy to a cutting-edge nanogel is a testament to the power of scientific innovation. The potential for this formulation in pain relief, particularly for migraine sufferers, is undeniably exciting. Its enhanced solubility, controlled release, skin penetration, and safety make it a strong candidate for further research and development.

Sources: gels

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