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Genotyping platforms for discovery, quality control and genomic breeding

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The need for sustainable agricultural practices has become more crucial than ever, as farmers seek innovative solutions that benefit their livelihoods and contribute to environmental improvement. CoverCress Inc. (CCI) embraced the challenge of developing a new rotational cash crop that addresses multiple issues simultaneously; the creation of a crop that is a sustainable feedstock source for producing low greenhouse gas emitting, renewable fuels, sequesters carbon, improves soil quality and provides the right incentives to farmers.

Following the creation of CoverCress®, a domesticated form of Thalaspiarvense, it was vital for efficient genotyping to be performed to ensure the ongoing success of the product. This case study outlines how CCI utilised a high-throughput targeted genotyping platform to integrate legacy data and develop novel genotyping markers. The implementation of Flex-Seq by CCI has enabled genetic mapping of very complex traits to inform current and future genomic selection programmes to improve quality of the germplasm.

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