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Maybe You Shouldn't Smoke E-Cigs Either

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

The mass adoption of a fad known as E-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) has been raining down on the smoker’s population over the course of the last several years with the thought that the vapors were not harmful to the lungs, unlike the several dangerous chemicals expelled by actual cigarettes both first-hand and second-hand. As a direct result, even children and teenagers have joined the bandwagon thinking it was a good idea to smoke E-cigarettes without considering the side effects.

But perhaps a better example needs to be set.

Are E-cigarettes just as harmful to our lungs as regular cigarettes?

New studies performed by Indiana University have shown that E-cigarettes apparently may not be as safe as originally thought and that the vapors put off by the E-cigarettes could also attribute to damaging side effects to the cells in the lungs.

In the results from the studies, even nicotine-free E-cigarettes were found to have damaging side effects for a person’s lung health and natural lung function.

“The increased use of inhaled nicotine via e-cigarettes, especially among the youth, prompts increased research into the effects on health. This research reports that components found in commercially available e-cigarette solutions and vapors generated by heating them may cause lung inflammation,” Indiana University’s Irina Petrache explains. “The effects described characterize short-term effects of e-cig exposures. Whereas studies of long-term effects await further investigations, these results caution that e-cigarette inhalation may be associated with adverse effects on lung health.”

With inflammation being the main side effect, it is clear that the vapors produced by E-cigarettes, whether containing nicotine or being nicotine-free, could also be damaging to the tissue inside of our lungs like actual cigarettes are. Decay of the cells making up both mouse and human lung cells was prevalent in lab examination after exposure.

As the synopsis sits right now, some forms of E-cigarettes may still be healthier to use than actual cigarettes, but using E-cigarettes may not completely clear users of the side effects of the harmful chemicals being inhaled in both circumstances. The current tests that have been performed are described as short-term tests, while longer-term testing still needs to be performed to get a better understanding of what E-cigarettes can do to a healthy set of lungs over time.

Over the years, many locations around the world have already considered banning, or have already banned, E-cigarettes, along with actual cigarettes, in non-smoking locations.

If you want your lungs to stay healthy, just breathe the fresh air around you instead of the chemicals expelled by death sticks.

Source: Indiana University

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