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mPAGE® Lux Gel Casting System: Bridging Efficacy and Convenience through Innovation

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Proteins are essential molecules in the human body that construct the building blocks of life. Long chains of hundreds of thousands of amino acids combine to create a single protein that can play an integral role in bodily function. Every cell in our body contains proteins that encompass a variety of roles and functions, including enzymes, antibodies, and messenger proteins to communicate biological processes, signals, storage and transport of atoms and small molecules, and structural components. Researchers study proteins to understand human biology better and develop more efficient therapies for combating diseases.

Protein separation, more commonly known as protein purification, is a method designed to locate and separate targeted proteins for scientific analysis. Protein purification aims to better understand a specific protein’s composition and size, binding attributes, organic activity, physio-chemical characteristics, and protein-protein relationship.

Protein gel electrophoresis is a method that uses molecular weight to isolate biomolecules for various types of proteins. In this method, an electric field is passed across a solvent which transfers charged proteins across a gel matrix; this method is considered straightforward, and each protein is handled exclusively. Protein gel electrophoresis examines protein samples for clarity, the scope of deterioration and diversity, and subunit configuration. Other protein analysis methods include Western Blotting applications, proteomics, ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, and size exclusion chromatography.

mPAGE® Lux Casting System

The mPAGE® Lux Casting System offers a fresh approach to protein gel electrophoresis compared to traditional methods that are time-consuming, wasteful, and harmful to the environment. This speedy and greener method is unique in its innovation, efficacy, and convenience, and is sure to satisfy your protein gel electrophoresis requirements for both your researchers and clients. MilliporeSigma has always taken pride in developing cutting-edge research tools, and we are confident the mPAGE® Lux Casting System will fulfill your research and cost-saving needs due to its speed, quality results, and reduced waste.


Traditional gel casting technologies require a two-step process that involves both resolving and stacking gels for a total casting time of 90 minutes, which leads to unnecessary toxic waste from unused chemicals and plastics, along with the possibility of an increased number of errors during the gel casting process. In contrast, the mPAGE® Lux Casting System features a streamlined one-step process using far fewer chemicals and plastics with a total casting time of 90 seconds or a 97% reduction in time commitment. Additionally, by using fewer chemicals and plastics, there is a decrease in the production of unnecessary waste by approximately 26 percent per gel casting.

It is these time- and waste-saving attributes that contribute to the innovative design of the mPAGE® Lux Casting System, which allows researchers to ditch traditional methods in favor of the next generation in protein gel electrophoresis while maintaining quality, reducing costs, and saving time. Innovation is behind every product developed by MilliporeSigma, and the mPAGE® Lux Casting System is the latest in novel research tools developed for protein gel electrophoresis.


One advantage of the mPAGE® Lux Casting System is time, specifically pertaining to curing gels, which is accomplished through a combination of ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and Bis-Tris gel chemistry. Another advantage to the mPAGE® Lux Casting System is its ability to deliver consistent results for samples while saving both time and resources in producing them, along with decreased errors compared to traditional protein gel electrophoresis methods.

“[The] mPAGE® Lux Casting System is much faster than my conventional method,” said Dr. Shizuka Takaku of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science. “I usually spend 2 hours for making gels. It is 1.5 min with this system. Usually I cast gel for pAKT, because I can’t see it with precast gel. Even with conventional hand cast gel, it is very weak band. With mPAGE® Lux Casting System, I can see the band very clearly. I like this. I am very happy with it.”


The mPAGE® Lux Casting System is both straightforward and consistent due to its streamlined number of steps, thereby minimizing the likelihood of errors. mPAGE® products, including the mPAGE® precast gels, mPAGE® Lux reagent kit, and mPAGE® TurboMix reagent kit, utilize Bis-Tris chemistry, offering the potential for effortless scalability. Lastly, the mPAGE® Lux Casting System enhances safety by significantly decreasing the presence of hazardous chemicals, such as tetramethylethylenediamine (TEMED) and ammonium persulfate (APS). This reduction in toxic chemicals and plastic usage underscores MilliporeSigma's commitment to environmentally-friendly workflow outcomes for our clients and customers.

The mPAGE® Lux Casting System stands apart from other companies and similar gel casting technologies due to its innovation and novel approach to gel casting, resulting in fresh gel that grants precise separation, allowing researchers to save both time and resources—whereas other technologies require you to choose one or the other—while enhancing both laboratory productivity and electrophoresis tasks.

Why MilliporeSigma?

The mPage® Lux Casting System is the most recent product complimenting the successful products and CTDMO (Contract Testing, Development & Manufacturing) Services provided by MilliporeSigma that are designed and developed to meet the needs of both scientific and clinical research. This extensive array includes products in RNA therapies, viral therapies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) & bioconjugation, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecules. Additionally, they also offer products for filtration and concentration, pharma & biopharma manufacturing, and industrial microbiology.


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