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Labroots 2023 Neuroscience Event Poster Winner: Kathryn Wall

Labroots’ virtual events are a great way to network and learn about the work of other researchers in your field. These events feature participants from all over the world who can showcase their research for free in a virtual poster format. At this year’s Neuroscience Virtual Week (now available On-Demand), Labroots highlighted an exceptional study involving a correlation between mental health disorders, substance abuse, and brain trauma. This fascinating work comes from Kathryn Wall, who is a Neuroscience PhD Candidate at Yale University.

(To see the full poster in detail, check out the 2023 Neuroscience Virtual Week On-Demand)

Wall’s poster study examined the correlation between substance use disorder (SUD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and conducted this study through an extensive literature review on comorbid SUD and PTSD, telling Labroots the most meaningful result of this study was putting emphasis on the co-occurrence of mental health disorders. saying the development of mental health treatment plans should consider comorbid conditions, specifically involving SUD.

Along with concluding the prevalence of SUDs and PTSD throughout the United States, Wall also stressed the worsening of both conditions during co-occurrence, meaning if they occur together. Wall’s study also stated that while overlapping brain regions could drive the increased rates of co-morbidity, there are available treatment options for those suffering from SUD and/or PTSD.

“This work contributes to clinical neuroscience and psychology by highlighting how interconnected substance use disorders are with other mental health conditions, namely trauma disorders but also anxiety and depression. Continued research into substance use disorders must consider how these other factors relate to disorder development and recovery,” Wall recently told Labroots.

Wall tells Labroots this study began during her master’s at American Public University and she has continued it during her time as a PhD student at Yale. Her current focus examines SUD and comorbidities involving mother and child development during the perinatal period.

To follow Kathryn’s research and career, and to connect with her, check out her Yale student profile, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate profiles.

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