JUL 12, 2016 12:30 PM PDT

Answers for Healthcare Utilizing the OSOM iFOBT Assay

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health


For the product overview/demonstration there will be an introduction to who Sekisui Diagnostic is, followed by a brief introduction to the point of care product line. The main focus will however be for one particular product the OSOM iFOBT assay. During this a PowerPoint presentation will run through the following: what is fecal occult blood, why is it important to test, what is fecal immunochemical testing, the benefits of immunochemical testing over other testing platforms, an overview over the OSOM iFOBT test, iFOB patient instruction video, OSOM training for the iFOB assay, support, and then conclusion. There will be two videos shown during this presentation on patient instruction and how the patient collects the sample and then the lab procedure video.

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