AUG 10, 2016 9:00 AM PDT

The Changing Landscape in Vaccine and Critical Product Storage

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health, Panasonic


This presentation explores the changing role of pharmacy grade refrigerator and freezers in the refrigerated storage of vaccine and temperature critical products. The efficacy of stored vaccine is critically dependent on storage and handling practices, including the use of reliable temperature monitoring methods and properly controlled storage systems. The absence of those protections can result in substantial waste, diminished vaccine potency, and the need for revaccination.

Currently, vaccine providers and program administrators face significant challenges as they navigate the selection and purchase of effective vaccine storage equipment. Pharmaceutical and medical grade manufacturers also face significant challenges due to changing government environmental regulations. The presentation explores what end users should look for to ensure that vaccines and critical product efficacy and safety standards are maintained and to maximize their return on investment for the long term. 

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