JUL 12, 2016 9:00 AM PDT

Changing Landscape of Vaccine Storage

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health


A meta-analysis published in the journal Vaccine, including studies published in more than 20 countries, estimated that 14% to 35% of vaccines are subjected to accidental freezing – the largest source of vaccine loss. Proper storage methods and effective control of the refrigeration systems in the vaccine refrigerators and critical in protecting vaccines from freezing and from excursions outside of the normal control range of 2C to 8C which can render vaccines ineffective. Vaccines providers currently face challenges in navigating the selection and purchase of vaccine equipment. Currently an NSF committee is charged with creating a new standard for vaccine storage to make the selection simpler. This presentation is aimed at explaining the challenges, proper storage equipment selection  and discussing the changes to come in the vaccine storage landscape.

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