MAR 26, 2024 11:00 AM PDT

Complete and Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery: TerraFlow for Flow Cytometry Analysis

Sponsored by: terraFlow Bio

Event Date & Time
DATE: March 26, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM (PDT), 2:00 PM (EDT), 8:00 PM (CET)
Ever wonder what you’re missing in your data? The sheer complexity of today’s flow and mass cytometry datasets demands automated solutions. Machine learning plugins only provide part of the answer, leaving users tuning confusing algorithms or grappling with abstract UMAP plots.
With terraFlow, upload cytometry data, label patient groups, and hit submit. In 24 hours you get back a complete, presentation-ready preprint of your data. Our exhaustive approach evaluates every phenotype within your dataset—the equivalent of 10,000 manual hours—and gives you the key takeaways you need to know about your data.
Join co-founders and immunology+AI experts Pratip Chattopadhyay and Dan Freeman to learn how terraFlow provides one automated solution—from data to insight through one simple upload.
Learning Objectives
  • The limitations of current (including algorithmic based) flow cytometry data analysis pipelines
  • The power of combinatoric based analysis tools
  • How terraFlow can be applied for rapid and robust biomarker discovery





Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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