SEP 13, 2016 11:00 AM PDT

Decrease energy usage in the laboratory, with the next generation of sustainable ultra-low freezers.

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health

Ultra- Low (-80oC) temperature freezers can use as much energy in a year, as a typical American house.  The -80oC freezer is most often the highest energy intensive piece of laboratory equipment you use. Up until relatively recently, electrical energy in the United States was produces in abundance and used with little or no concern regarding its resulting effects on the environment. This lack of energy concern focused Ultra-Low freezer manufactures attention on improving operational performance like temperature recovery after door openings and BTU removal, rather than a focus on reducing energy consumption.

Today, our industry is changing. Our customers are requiring more sustainable solution for all laboratory equipment. Sustainability departments and initiatives are actively looking for partners to supply equipment that used less energy, without sacrificing performance, to help meet sustainability goals.

Manufactures of -80oC freezers are now driving innovations that both improve operational performance while at the same time dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Please join Thermo Fisher Scientific as we review many of the innovation we have designed into our newest series of -80oC freezers; the Thermo Scientific™ TSX. During this presentation, you will learn how to cut your ultra-low temperature freezer energy consumption by 50%, without sacrificing performance, and be well on your way to meeting your facilities energy reduction goals.

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