JUN 04, 2024 8:15 AM PDT

Harnessing the Power of Beacon Platform to Accelerate Antibody Discovery and Cell Therapy Development



The revolution in life science research aims to understand how single cells work, which is crucial for developing new therapies. Traditional methods like FACS and scRNASeq give only a partial view of cells. Bruker's Beacon® Optofluidic System brings a fresh approach, offering a complete picture of single cell function. The Beacon enables serial multi-modal analysis and real time imaging on the same live single cell, with 10,000s of cells simultaneously. It uses two advanced technologies: 1) Light driven Opto-Electro Positioning (OEP) system to precisely control single cells and beads movement, allowing customized experiments without harming the cells. 2) The microfluidic chip with NanoPen® chambers for continuous media and assay reagent flow, letting researchers study the same cell over time with a high-resolution microscope. The Beacon also lets researchers move selected cells from the chip for further study, linking on-chip phenotype data with off-chip sequencing or for scaling the cells of interest. Users can leverage preset workflows tailored for various applications such as CAR/TCR discovery, T-cell Profiling, antibody discovery, and cell line development, or customize experiments according to their needs. In summary, Bruker's Beacon® Optofluidic platform marks a significant advancement in single cell functional biology, poised to drive impactful research outcomes by providing researchers with unparalleled insights into cellular dynamics. This innovation has the potential to lead to tangible improvements in Antibody and Cell Therapy development, ultimately driving the next era of functional cell biology to advance human health.

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