JUNE 7, 2024 3:30 PM ET

Innovative Technologies for Creating 3D Cellular Models

Sponsored by: Corning, Vert Clinical Leader
  • Catherine Siler

    Bio: Catherine Siler is a Field Application Scientist for Corning Life Sciences, and manages the east coast, central, and Canadian team. Catherine earned her Ph.D. in biology at Johns Hopkins University, where she focused on neural development and discovered a passion for science communication. During her ten years at Corning, she gained commercial experience as part of the Bioprocess Specialist team, providing custom closed system vessels and media to customers. As part of the FAS team, Catherine educates and provides in-lab support to customers using Corning products for bioprocessing applications, including cell and gene therapy scale-up processes, as well as 3D cell culture techniques.


Over the past decade, there has been increasing interest in more predictive model systems for disease and development. 3D cell culture models can serve both purposes, but can present challenges in consistency. In this session, you will learn about technologies from Corning to ensure consistency in 3D models.

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