SEP 13, 2016 9:30 AM PDT

Mobile Point-of-Care management with POC Mobile from Roche

Sponsored by: Cardinal Health

As the interface between the laboratory and the ward, POCCs perform much of their work while out in different hospital locations. This can be challenging when managing important tasks that require a PC, like performing remote troubleshooting tasks, arranging operator training, checking the status of a device or replacing an instrument. The new POC mobile app for cobas IT 1000 enables POCCs to complete all these tasks on a smartphone or tablet, no matter where they are – assisting them with saving time and increasing productivity while on-the-go.

The cobas IT 1000 application from Roche Diagnostics provides comprehensive Point-of-Care program management tools allowing for management of system configurations, test and QC materials, operators, and Point-of-Care instruments. The cobas IT 1000 application connects the full Roche POC portfolio including Accu-Chek® Inform II, CoaguChek® XS Plus, CoaguChek® XS Pro, Urisys 1100®, and cobas® Liat as well as many instruments from other manufacturers. 

Until now, Point-of-Care management required a PC or laptop.  The Point-of-Care coordinator (POCC) had to remain in close proximity to their PC to effectively manage their Point-of-Care program. POC Mobile with cobas IT 1000 from Roche changes that and frees the POCC from their workstation to act while on-the-go.

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