Date: Feb 8, 2024 Time: 10am PT, 1pm ET

Practical Considerations for Designing and Executing High-content Screens

Sponsored by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Event Date & Time
Date: February 8, 2024
Time: 10am PT, 1pm ET
High-content screening (HCS) is an imaging-based, multi-parametric strategy used in drug development that generates rich datasets through multiplexing strategically chosen fluorescent dyes and antibodies to visualize and measure biological phenomena. This is a powerful and flexible approach that can be used to answer diverse biological questions, from investigating the activation of a specific pathway to characterizing whole-cell responses to myriad treatments. This webinar will cover the basic principles and process of HCS with tips on how to design an informative and successful assay. To illustrate the power and versatility of HCS, we will include examples of specific use cases in various disease areas, including an overview of the technique of Cell Painting. These examples will feature a variety of in vitro models, from 2D to 3D cultures of single or multiple cell types. We will also review the benefits of working with a service provider, and what you can expect from working with PhenoVista. This webinar will discuss designing in vitro experiments to best answer your biological questions, how to prepare your test articles for high-content experiments, and how PhenoVista images and analyzes your experiments to yield valuable data. Thermo Fisher Scientific product manager, Steve Titus will also walk you through planning your cell painting experiment using the free web-based tool, Stain-iT Cell Staining Simulator.
Learning Objectives
  • Review the basic principles and workflow of high-content screens
  • Review examples of specific applications/techniques of high-content screens, including cell painting
  • Learn how to work with a service provider 
  • Learn how to plan experiments using the Stain-iT Cell Staining Simulator
Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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