FEB 15, 2023 7:00 AM PST

Scattering Microscopy: Label-Free Imaging Approaches

Sponsored by: Teledyne Photometrics

Event Date & Time
Date:  February 15, 2023
Time: 7:00am (PST),  10:00am (EST), 3:00pm (BST), 4:00pm (CET)
While not all microscopy samples can fluoresce, all can scatter light, and this scattered light can be imaged. This has resulted in the development of scattering microscopy techniques, such as darkfield, iSCAT, COBRI, and Mass Photometry. These techniques can detect weak particle signal against a large imaging background, with nanoscale 3D spatial resolution and microscale temporal resolution.
In this webinar, guest speakers and scattering microscopy experts Prof. Philipp Kukura and Dr. Francesco Reina discuss the use of various scattering microscopy techniques in life sciences research, its benefits/challenges, the use of sCMOS cameras for scattering microscopy, and where label-free techniques for imaging will develop in the future. We also have an introduction to scattering microscopy and techniques from Teledyne Photometrics Content Manager Dr. Matthew Kose-Dunn, and an outline of our sCMOS camera solutions for scattering microscopy from Product Manager Dr. Phil Allen.
Scattering microscopy provide an alternative to fluorescence microscopy techniques, featuring label-free imaging of small, dynamic samples against a large imaging background. The Prime 95B, Prime BSI and Kinetix sCMOS families allow users of scattering microscopy to image even the weakest of samples thanks to their high sensitivity and large full-well capacity, as well as added functionality specific for scattering microscopy such as Frame Summation and Frame Averaging capabilities.
Teledyne Photometrics design and manufacture high-end cameras for demanding, quantitative life sciences research, and are the market leader for advanced scientific CMOS technologies.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the mechanisms of scattering microscopy
  • Discover the use of sCMOS cameras for scattering microscopy
  • Recognize how Teledyne Photometrics cameras are used for scattering techniques
Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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