15 Years of Science and Innovation: Celebrating Labroots Anniversary

28 Apr, 2023 | Labroots

Founded in 2008, Labroots has grown to become the foremost scientific social networking website and a top producer of virtual events in the scientific community. As the company celebrates its milestone 15th anniversary this year, it is a testament to the dedication and vision of its founders, Greg and Don Cruikshank, who sought to create a platform that fosters collaboration, communication, and innovation among researchers, scientists, and industry professionals.

Don Cruikshank, the company's co-founder, shared that the inspiration for the idea and concept of Labroots came from Greg's science background and business acumen. "The inspiration for the idea and concept of Labroots came from Greg, with his science background and business sense. I was lucky enough to be included in this idea, and happy with my technical and business background, to help launch Labroots and provide my expertise," said Don.

In 2008, Facebook had just launched, and LinkedIn had just celebrated its 5th anniversary. The world of social networking was exploding, and Greg Cruikshank and his family needed a scientific social networking platform. And thus, Labroots was born. However, the economic crash of 2009 forced the company to pivot into virtual events and webinars. Greg Cruikshank reflects, "We hoped the company would be successful, but without serious funding, it was more of a dream. To see where we're at 15 years later makes me happy beyond words."

Today, Labroots is the premier scientific social networking website and virtual event producer. What sets Labroots apart from others in the industry is that it is the only science media company with its virtual event platform, giving it the lion's share of the marketplace. As the virtual event industry became more competitive, especially with the onset of the COVID pandemic, Labroots adapted by creating its platform, Chati. This has allowed the company to own the platform roadmap and expand outside the science market.

Over the past 15 years, Labroots has adapted to the changing landscape of the virtual event industry. The technology of the internet and Labroots' software, along with the acceptance of virtual events, has helped the company reach the masses and succeed. The COVID-19 pandemic also accelerated a major worldwide shift towards virtual events.

Despite facing various challenges throughout its journey, such as initially convincing clients and users of the value of virtual events and navigating the unpredictable economic landscape, Labroots has exhibited unwavering determination and adaptability. Through resilience and a steadfast commitment to innovation, the company has not only overcome these hurdles but also thrived, becoming an indispensable resource for the global scientific community.

Looking ahead, Labroots aims to push Chati outside the science market and develop its own webcasting platform. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it will remain committed to its founding vision of connecting scientists worldwide and providing opportunities to share their research and expertise.

Finally, on a personal note, Don and Greg shared some of their fondest memories of Labroots. For Don, it's been working with his son Greg to build the company for over 15 years and working with other family members to make Labroots a success. For Greg, he looks back fondly to 2013 when the company hit its first million. It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire Labroots team that they have come this far and achieved such tremendous success. The future is bright for Labroots, and the company looks forward to innovating and pushing boundaries for the next 15 years and beyond.


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