Tips for Successful Gated Sponsored Content with Labroots

20 Apr, 2022 | Jacqueline Colello

Gated Sponsored Content with Labroots is a great new way to gather prospective leads for your company which can, in turn, lead to more sales. By gating an article you can gather information about leads that may not be available or accessible to you otherwise. However, there are many things to consider when putting your content behind a gated form. 

Consider this your guide to what makes Gated Sponsored Content with Labroots successful. 

Start with an Engaging Title

While this may seem obvious, it’s more important than you’d think when it comes to gated content. 

  1. Potential readers will only see the title and the very beginning of your article on Labroots’ site when navigating to the content’s landing page, prior to filling out the form for full access. That being said, an engaging title and opening paragraph are musts. Some engaging titles that mimic giving value to the reader include;
    1. Do’s & Don’ts of Clinical Lab Management
    2. 5 Must-Have Features for a Successful Virtual Event
  2. Avoiding a title that is obviously trying to sell the reader something is imperative. If a potential reader already feels bombarded and pressured to be sold something in the title, there is a slim chance they will fill out the gated content form. 

For more information regarding how to create an engaging title, check out our Tips for Successful Sponsored Content blog here

Provide An Incentive

There is no reason for potential readers to fill out the form for gated content access unless there is something that they won’t find anywhere else. 

  1. Providing users with something tangible behind in your gated content will not only increase the readers’ trust for your company but also leave them more willing to access future gated content. Some examples of tangible items within your gated content that provides value to readers;
    1. A How-To Guide
    2. Do’s and Don’ts
    3. Tips for Success
  2. Do not overpromise what is behind the form. By overpromising and underdelivering on what your gated content consists of, you will lose the trust of the reader who took the chance on filling out your form. Yes, you may have gained a conversion, but quality over quantity is key here. 

Pay Attention to Form Length and Questions

A potential lead could be extremely interested in what information your gated content has to offer but could be discouraged from filling out the form if it is too long. 

  1. Have you ever been interested in something behind a gate, but quickly abandoned the form as soon as you saw how many questions it asked you to answer? Keep the form to only a few fields (approximately 3-5). 
  2. Consider only including basic form fields (name, email address, etc.). If you have a purpose for asking more in-depth questions, include them after the basic form fields. Some examples of questions you may consider including in your form include;
    1. What is your biggest challenge in…?
      1. This question will allow you to send a more detailed follow-up, specific to their needs.
    2. Consider asking what country the reader is currently in, especially if your product/service is not applicable in certain countries.

Share the Landing Page to Your Gated Content

The more people who see the landing page of your gated content, the more conversions you will receive.

  1. Once your gated content is live, it is important to share it on social media, your website, or your email list. As mentioned, getting potential readers to view the landing page is key to receiving valuable conversions. Promoting your content alongside Labroots will help to do this. 

If you have more questions about optimizing your Gated Sponsored Content with Labroots, contact the Scientific Editor, Sarah Hoffman at

For more information on pricing, check out the Digital Advertising page in our Labroots 2022 Media Kit and get in touch with a sales rep! 


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