Congrats to the 2022 Labroots Fall Scholarship Winners!

25 Aug, 2022 | Sarah Hoffman

This Fall, Labroots was happy to offer two scholarships for students returning to school at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The Graduate Research Scholarship aims to support graduate student researchers who need additional resources to complete their projects. The Undergraduate Back-to-School Scholarship is focused on providing funds to offset the cost of supplies like textbooks and computer software. Now, we are happy to announce the winners for both scholarships!

The winner of the 2022 Graduate Research Scholarship is Lizette Ortega

Lizette is an Applied Physics Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University. Thanks to the supportive physics community at her alma mater, Wellesley College, Lizette gained exposure to a variety of research topics, from optics to electrical engineering to particle physics, and cultivated her interest in experimental work. As a graduate researcher, she hopes to continue her interdisciplinary, experimental physics journey and conduct research to build innovative technologies with applications across multiple fields. As a first-generation, Latina college student, Lizette cares about leading efforts to make higher education more inclusive and accessible to historically underrepresented groups.

“I am honored to have received the 2022 Labroots Graduate Research Scholarship. To have my graduate work acknowledged and financially supported is incredibly validating for my identity as a scientist. I want to encourage other first-generation college students interested in STEM to pursue their interests confidently and never be afraid to take up space academia.” – Lizette Ortega

You can learn more about Lizette on her LinkedIn page.

The Winner of the 2022 Undergraduate Back-to-School Scholarship is Ismael Wane

Ismael Wane is a junior attending the University of Florida. He is currently majoring in Biochemistry and aspires to pursue a Ph.D. in pharmacology to become a pharmaceutical scientist. Ismael’s ultimate goal is to eventually establish his own biotech startup company. Ismael became interested in pharmacology while learning about neuropsychology and brain chemistry. He was fascinated by the effects of different neurotransmitters and is most interests in the use of genetic editing tools like CRISPR in pharmacological drug development.

“Being an awardee for the Fall 2022 Labroots Undergraduate Back-to-School scholarship is truly an honor. I believe that education is one of the best investments one can focus on in their lifetime. This scholarship opportunity allows me to continue investing my resources into my education. One day, I hope I am able to give back to young scientists like me.” – Ismael Wane

You can learn more about Ismael on his LinkedIn page.


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